Hey It’s the FREAKING weekend

Okay so, first this is my first blog post I’m writing with dictation, so I’m writing without my hands right now which I think is pretty cool; if there are any mistakes in this blog I blame technology so this is going to be awesome because I can say whatever I want and if it’s terrible I’m holding my computer responsible.

So I’m reading a lot of reviews and synopses of books about total badass crews. It got me thinking, why don’t I just write a book about some of these cliché plots and make the protagonist completely incompetent? I don’t know if I would write this under R.K. Gold or Q.T Pi yet but I think I can have a lot of fun with an incompetent assassins series.

Since I mentioned Q.T. Pi in the above paragraph I thought I would announce once again that iLaugh iCry is out on Amazon. There will be a free promotion starting tomorrow and ending March 1st so anyone who wants to read it for free can download it directly from Amazon for free instead of just emailing me. As you know my philosophy with my books is pretty much just give away as many for free as possible because I’d rather people read my work than have a couple extra bucks in my pocket.

Currently I am working on a Monster Hunter series for Q.T. Pi, Which is cool because the first book takes place in DC, I think the rest of the series is going to take place in New Orleans. As for R.K. Gold, I’m still working on the impossible task of turning a horrible rough draft into a decent second draft. The Absolute has simultaneously outperformed and underperformed my expectations because as I said before in earlier posts I thought this would be an easy first edit and it turned into a complete rewrite so I’m writing it ahead of schedule, I just passed the 50,000 word mark two days ago and I think I only have six chapters left. The downside is it still reads a bit like a rough draft; it’s a much better rough draft than what I had before but it’s still a rough draft so I have to edit that again before I send it out to beta readers. I am really looking forward to editing The Pathetic Tycoon once I finish this. And I am really happy that I have a second pen name now because I would go insane just editing all year with no new material.

I mentioned I was going to start a new blog series called Workshop This. The first story should be done either today or tomorrow. So feel free to workshop it just try not to be a dick, And as I mentioned in the original post, anyone who offers helpful feedback will be mentioned by name if that story ends up in a collection of short stories.

Finally, this was a fun post to write. I feel like ending it with look mom no hands. I am happy I have a Grammarly. I am looking up at what I “wrote” and see a lot of redlines so that app will help me out.

As always thanks for reading.



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