Review: Confederacy of Dunces

5/5 stars

I think I have a new favorite book. Certainly a book I will read again and one I didn’t want to put down my first go around. The story of Ignatius and his crusade against the world, making the long term lives of those he touched better off once they survived his initial destruction, was one non-stop laugh for me.

What made this book work so well was the lack of perfection. Though Ignatius was a total prick he was in a world of people just as bad (just better at hiding it) and though they all loathed him, all their lives were better by the end of the book because of him.

One of the other aspects of this book I greatly enjoyed was the amount of dialogue. Firstly because dialogue filled text is such a quick read. While I don’t mind some exposition and non-dialogue text, the fact that the most of this book was told through conversations created vivid voices for all the characters. It also forced the book to show rather than tell and really fleshed out all of the characters.

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