One Week In

Okay, so I’m not ahead on my resolutions, but I’m also not behind. I am happy I finished reading my first book of 2018 and I’m incredibly excited to finish my next one ASAP. As for editing, it’s strange because the daily goals don’t come as easily as the writing ones do. I mean word count goals are so simple to keep track of, but editing feels like I’m just supposed to do as much as I can until my eyes hurt, then take a break and hopefully do a second sitting in the same day. My third goal, of getting my serialized sitcom going is a little behind but I will start on that today and hope to make it a weekly publication. It will be free and posted on both my website and wattpad. While I edit my novels, I needed to have some outlet for writing and word count goals. I also think a 3-4000 word episode will be far easier to edit than a 60-120k word novel.

So, my goals for the day are to complete the first episode of Nerdy Deeds and edit chapter 2 and 3 of The Absolute. I re-read the first chapter I edited and can’t believe how much better it is. The problem with the rough draft is I wrote about a character, and a general feeling, but had no direction. Of all my works, I think I have some of my best lines in this book, but also some of my worst, and the sad thing is I don’t think any of the best will make it in the final draft. While I’m reading what I wrote it’s clear to me that I fell in love with the sound of my own voice and completely forgot about the plot. It’s a little annoying really, it makes me feel like an arrogant douche, but at least I’m taking care of the problem now.