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Doughnut Booktag || Booktube

Here is my take on the Doughnut Tag. I was tagged by AG MacDonald

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1. Classic- A classic book you feel everyone needs to read

2. Vanilla Frosted- A simple, but engaging work.

3. Chocolate Frosted- Your second favorite work from your favorite writer.

4. Strawberry Frosted- A lesser known or studied work from a known writer you feel should be read and studied more frequently.

5. Glazed- A writer that immediately immersed you.

6. Jelly- A work that contained more than you expected.

7. Boston Crème- A scholarly work you would recommend to a casual reader.

8. Cruller- A work that makes you think of France.

9. Powdered Sugar- A work that left you with evident emotions.

10. Cider- The perfect reading material to read in front of a fire in autumn.

11. Doughnut Hole- A collection of short, accessible works or sections that you enjoyed.

12. Raspberry Frosted- A book you would recommend to Homer Simpson.

13. What is your favorite kind of doughnut?

14. “Time to Make the Doughnuts” (as per Dunkin Donuts)- Who do you tag?

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Secrets Are For Flowers #1 New Release Children Coming of Age Fantasy

Guys, it fucking happened. Number 1 new release for Children Coming of Age Fantasy
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Nine months after removing the Reaper in the Tree from his throne, Clarence, Wakoba, and Jessi have struggled to adjust back to their normal lives. Ever since he was marked by the Pit, Clarence has been tormented by nightmares. A strange pair of white eyes haunt his dreams and an icy grip still lingers where the Pit touched him.

With the return of color, the tensions between mortals and reapers increased. The need for the unpleasant guardians of Ganedyn has diminished. Now that the End was trapped in the in-between, the right to enter Ganedyn has become a blessing once more.

Secrets Are For Flowers is the second book in the Beds Are For Flowers series and continues the discussion of nature and preservation held in the first book. This second installment also dives deeper into the history and allegiances of the reapers and explores a morally ambiguous landscape.