Sony PlayStation​ Classic Game Console Release

What do you think of the new PlayStation classic release? For those of you unaware, Sony is releasing a small digital device with a 20 game library from their PS1 collection. The device is meant to just plug in and play. Users can play with up to 2 controllers.

The full list of games being released:

• Battle Arena Toshinden

• Cool Boarders 2

• Destruction Derby

• Final Fantasy VII

• Grand Theft Auto

• Intelligent Qube

• Jumping Flash

• Metal Gear Solid

• Mr. Driller

• Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

• Rayman

• Resident Evil Director’s Cut

• Revelations: Persona

• Ridge Racer Type 4

• Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

• Syphon Filter

• Tekken 3

• Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

• Twisted Metal

• Wild Arms

I think it’s a great idea! They’re clearly cashing in on our nostalgia and their price $99.99 plays with our psychology so we can think we win by recapturing this era of gaming for under $100. I know some people think there are some serious snubs on here, and I get it but all in all, how do you sum up such a large video game era? I mean we get new games every day directly delivered to our phones now. Sony couldn’t just add their entire library to this—I mean maybe they could’ve—okay they probably could’ve, but let’s be real, they’re not looking to capture the entire nostalgia market with one product—they need room to upgrade and I don’t fault them for giving themselves some room to grow.

I do think it’s interesting to see what they valued as the top 20 classic games on their original console. They clearly have better access to the data than we do so what does that say about us? I thought for sure something like Mega Man would’ve been on here. Also, I know as far as Final Fantasy is concerned they had to go with VII but I keep thinking about the first time I’ve ever played a final fantasy game it was IX. I had never played anything so cool–that’s honestly the game that made me love Sony. I know this sounds cheesy, and to some video games are just a waste of time, but the Final Fantasy series really taught me the importance of storytelling and how it can turn a mild form of entertainment into a mindblowing experience.

I think this system will see upgrades. I know they said that you can’t add any now but I do think down the line they are going to improve on this, they may be taking their time because it’s not difficult for people to find these games online using an emulator. Maybe as they flame the nostalgia there will be more cries to add more–I mean as it is, people calling for snubs isn’t a negative for branding–it’s an opportunity for future releases.

What do you all think?