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Nerdy Deeds


Clarke and Wendy have been best friends since they were in diapers. Wendy was always a little more adventurous than Clarke and, like her father Bruce, she excelled at athletics. She started kicking a soccer ball around when she was barely able to walk and never stopped. All that hard work eventually paid off when she was offered a full scholarship to play at Bullhead University.

Clarke, on the other hand, found comfort tinkering with old electronics. He taught himself how to repair all sorts of gadgets, and turned his basement into a recording studio. If technology was his passion, music was his lucrative hobby. His parents stopped pushing summer job interviews on him once they saw how much he was able to earn making instrumentals for local musicians and mixing their tracks. He was accepted to Bullhead not long after Wendy received her scholarship and planned to study electrical engineering.

Though Clarke and Wendy spent most of their time at school in different social circles, they always made time for each other and their one true love. . . movies! When most of their friends were going out to parties, the two of them were trying to illegally download award-winning arthouse flicks. They could argue late into the night over what their favorite John Woo film was and of course, they never concluded the great Die Hard Christmas debate.

Upon graduation, the two of them celebrated with a little too much wine and decided to record one of their debates in Clarke’s basement. When they woke up they found more than 15,000 people downloaded their first episode and a small corner of social media was buzzing about it.

They spent their last summer before college making their podcast official. The two friends had the time of their lives talking movies and couldn’t wait to keep it going at University.

Nerdy Deeds is a weekly comedy, continuing the story of Clarke and Wendy as they navigate college and continue to run their show.