Rewrites DONE!

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I’ve officially finished my rewrites. Yes, that’s right, the rewrites for The Absolute are done! Now the fun part begins. Actually having to edit this. I know rewrite Sound like editing, but really all I did was delete one rough draft and replace it with a slightly better rough draft.

I am going to do things a little differently this time. Usually, I sit on a manuscript for a while before I start editing it. But I also have a tendency to sit on m a nuscript forever and never edit it. I’m going to start edits this upcoming weekend (probably Friday).

I’m just ready to get into the next phase. All the ideas are still so fresh. I have a lot of small details that I wrote at the end of the book that I want to hint at towards the beginning and the middle. Some of his quirks became less prominent later on and I have to decide if I want to keep them or get rid of them.

Why was this so important? I basically took 50k words of poetic non-sense, deleted it, and replaced it with 70k words following an actual plot. It may not be the best plot, but it has characters that actually are there for a reason and it has some direction.

For the rest of the week, I am probably going to work on QT Pi projects. Mostly the Monster Hunter series.

As always, thanks for reading!

Q.T. Pi, update

Hey It’s the FREAKING weekend

Okay so, first this is my first blog post I’m writing with dictation, so I’m writing without my hands right now which I think is pretty cool; if there are any mistakes in this blog I blame technology so this is going to be awesome because I can say whatever I want and if it’s terrible I’m holding my computer responsible.

So I’m reading a lot of reviews and synopses of books about total badass crews. It got me thinking, why don’t I just write a book about some of these cliché plots and make the protagonist completely incompetent? I don’t know if I would write this under R.K. Gold or Q.T Pi yet but I think I can have a lot of fun with an incompetent assassins series.

Since I mentioned Q.T. Pi in the above paragraph I thought I would announce once again that iLaugh iCry is out on Amazon. There will be a free promotion starting tomorrow and ending March 1st so anyone who wants to read it for free can download it directly from Amazon for free instead of just emailing me. As you know my philosophy with my books is pretty much just give away as many for free as possible because I’d rather people read my work than have a couple extra bucks in my pocket.

Currently I am working on a Monster Hunter series for Q.T. Pi, Which is cool because the first book takes place in DC, I think the rest of the series is going to take place in New Orleans. As for R.K. Gold, I’m still working on the impossible task of turning a horrible rough draft into a decent second draft. The Absolute has simultaneously outperformed and underperformed my expectations because as I said before in earlier posts I thought this would be an easy first edit and it turned into a complete rewrite so I’m writing it ahead of schedule, I just passed the 50,000 word mark two days ago and I think I only have six chapters left. The downside is it still reads a bit like a rough draft; it’s a much better rough draft than what I had before but it’s still a rough draft so I have to edit that again before I send it out to beta readers. I am really looking forward to editing The Pathetic Tycoon once I finish this. And I am really happy that I have a second pen name now because I would go insane just editing all year with no new material.

I mentioned I was going to start a new blog series called Workshop This. The first story should be done either today or tomorrow. So feel free to workshop it just try not to be a dick, And as I mentioned in the original post, anyone who offers helpful feedback will be mentioned by name if that story ends up in a collection of short stories.

Finally, this was a fun post to write. I feel like ending it with look mom no hands. I am happy I have a Grammarly. I am looking up at what I “wrote” and see a lot of redlines so that app will help me out.

As always thanks for reading.




Food for Food. . . I mean thought. . . no actually I just mean food. Food > Thought

Yeah, enjoy reading that title! In all seriousness, why are the best foods so “unhealthy”? I put unhealthy in quotes because I want to justify my love of cheese and bread until the very end but seriously, why can’t we just fast all day and then eat 1000 calories of fresh bread and cheese every night? It tastes so good! It makes you so happy! And you still stay under that 2000 calorie boogeyman that haunts your subconscious every time you debate taking a handful of almonds.

This isn’t the point of this post, but as you can tell, food is on my mind. I just downed an avocado so I’m full of energy.

Anyway, I just published my first story under my second pen name. For those of you with KU you can enjoy the title for free by clicking here.

As for my main writing projects let’s talk about The Absolute.

This book is being so rude to me. In a matter of 3 hours, it has filled me with crippling self-doubt, mild self-loathing then renewed self-confidence. It’s strange re-writing a book because it carries all the weight of editing but all the crappiness of a rough draft.

My main complaint with it is tension. There are times it fills me with emotion, and there is plenty of engaging dialogue, but holy shit what is actually going on in this book? I was half tempted to scrap it at 2 in the morning when I was writing a scene between Peter and Father Shine.

I’m so focused on giving every character a purpose, I sorta forgot the main character needs to give the reader a reason to care. Heres his story so far in a nutshell. Peter’s parents died five years before the book starts. His Fiancee died four years before the book starts. He is in a slump, unable to paint because all he can see when he tries to tap into his imagination all he sees is a pack of butterflies leading him to a low stone wall. Behind the wall is a garden, and behind that a forest.

He can never reach the garden though, his mind won’t let him cross over the wall so he’s in a creative block because all he can put on a canvas is a half-completed painting of butterflies.

With his gallery running low on money, his manager/business partner gets him a commissioned gig to paint a mural on the concrete wall connecting the new reformed chapel to the traditional church. They built the wall and the playground between these churches to encourage children of different beliefs to still play together.

Peter feels out of place back home, and gets into some funny adventures, but the overall plot feels so relaxed. I mean he completes the mural around 50k words in and faces another challenge the town and his business partner created for him.

Ultimately, it turned into a story of a big city artist falling in love with his hometown again and I’m worried it doesn’t offer any excitement. It’ll just be like a video camera on the main character’s shoulder, watching him fall in love with his town, then it ends.

I guess I’ve re-entered the self-doubt portion of today’s program.

What do you all think? Is a story about relationships (family, friendship, and romantic) complete or are those just events that are supposed to happen around the plot, not just make up the plot itself?


Writing Update

I am gonna keep this short because personally, I like short blogs and short videos and that means there’s a good chance a lot of people out there prefer digestible nuggets of information over getting smacked in the face by a digital textbook.


The Absolute edits have somehow gone faster and slower than expected. I am in the midst of completely rewriting it. While at the start of the year I thought this might be a halfway easy edit, the universe had other plans. However, the re-writes are moving at a healthy pace and it should be done before the end of February.


My second pen name/alter ego has finished his first story. It’s a short satire piece about a future where our technology has just become a part of our body. Not the most original plot I know but the plot is entertaining and the characters are cool.


The purpose of my second pen name is to create a large quantity of entertaining reads, which will hopefully include a collection of short stories by the end of the year. My initial pen name R.K. Gold will focus more on literary fiction (the work that makes me feel smarter than I actually am).


Thank you for reading my update.


One Week In

Okay, so I’m not ahead on my resolutions, but I’m also not behind. I am happy I finished reading my first book of 2018 and I’m incredibly excited to finish my next one ASAP. As for editing, it’s strange because the daily goals don’t come as easily as the writing ones do. I mean word count goals are so simple to keep track of, but editing feels like I’m just supposed to do as much as I can until my eyes hurt, then take a break and hopefully do a second sitting in the same day. My third goal, of getting my serialized sitcom going is a little behind but I will start on that today and hope to make it a weekly publication. It will be free and posted on both my website and wattpad. While I edit my novels, I needed to have some outlet for writing and word count goals. I also think a 3-4000 word episode will be far easier to edit than a 60-120k word novel.

So, my goals for the day are to complete the first episode of Nerdy Deeds and edit chapter 2 and 3 of The Absolute. I re-read the first chapter I edited and can’t believe how much better it is. The problem with the rough draft is I wrote about a character, and a general feeling, but had no direction. Of all my works, I think I have some of my best lines in this book, but also some of my worst, and the sad thing is I don’t think any of the best will make it in the final draft. While I’m reading what I wrote it’s clear to me that I fell in love with the sound of my own voice and completely forgot about the plot. It’s a little annoying really, it makes me feel like an arrogant douche, but at least I’m taking care of the problem now.

Announcement, update

Happy New Year

Yeah, I’m a couple days late with the title of this blog, but it’s still accurate. I mean it’s still the new year. I have been away from my computer for days now, and it felt like I was missing a limb. I know, not the most flattering image in the world, but since my computer is my primary source of writing, it did not bode well for me to have it be so far away for so long. I didn’t even miss the internet, I just missed my Scrivener app. I know it’s sort of pathetic, but typing on a keyboard has always been my medium for writing. I remember in fourth grade my English teacher told my parents that my handwriting was so poor I should start typing out my homework. Though it was a little harsh, I credit this decision in helping me transition to typing much faster than my other classmates.

Anyway, I think that’s enough pathetic pining for my computer. I am obviously back and excited to get started on those new years resolutions.

First off, I have decided to start 2018 off by editing The Absolute. I had a couple people comment and personal message me after my last blog post to tell me they preferred the storyline of that piece, and that was enough to help me make my decision. I just hope my editing ability is good enough to live up to that little blurb about the book, because I must admit, my short paragraph description of it is much better than the actual words on the page.

At the moment, half the book is still about my protagonist’s obsession with killing God (yeah, that’s getting edited out ASAP) and part of the book still has him written as a writer instead of a painter because I preferred the story of him returning to his town as a commissioned painter rather than a ghostwriter, and I really did not want to write a book about an author.

I mean way too many insecurities would pop up if I did that, and I would start freaking out that the few readers I have would think my main character was partially based on me.


That’s just the video I think of when I think of insecurity and self-acceptance, feel free to ignore it.

Anyway, I hope to finish a second draft of The Absolute by the end of January, send it off to beta readers by February, and hopefully finish the final draft to later than the end of March.

Announcement, update

Final First Draft of 2017

So long 2017! It’s been something. Well, on top of entering my final year of grad school, 2017 proved to be more of a year for writing, rather than editing. I am more than happy to have had one book release this year but 2018 is looking like it will be more of a year of output. In otherwords, visible results rather than the rough draft inputs I’m used to doing.

Today, December 28th, I completed my final rough draft of 2017. At 84k words this marks my fourth full-length manuscript of the year, none of which I have actually edited. I can’t help it, even now I am looking at my computer thinking about a couple of ideas I have for novels I wouldn’t mind starting, but discipline in writing and writing goals, is what got me to the point where I have more than two handfuls of rough drafts on my computer.

Since I began this writing journey in 2014, I have practiced and developed my own writing style, and I must admit it has been a blast to watch myself develop as a writer and experiment with different approaches.

However, I know I have reached my peak unless I am willing to now practice a new form of author discipline. That of actually completing the novel. While having close to a million words of unedited manuscripts on my computer is a personal accomplishment, it is not one that brings measurable success. No one is rewarded for the potential of their work, and no one develops a fan base by simply typing up new manuscripts that never leaves the vault.

That is why 2018 will be the year of editing. I have four manuscripts lined up and plan on dedicating 2 months on each (with some leeway of course. Part of the reason I’ve left four months open).

Currently, I am trying to decide which manuscript I want to start 2018 with. I have narrowed it down to two.

  • The Absolute, which is a story about a painter who lost faith in God and returns to his hometown when he is commissioned to paint the new chapel. There he finds faith does not have to come in the form of one belief, but rather finding a purpose to live for.


  • The Pathetic Tycoon, which is an action based book dealing with themes of legacy and self-worth. The main plot is a rescue of the protagonist’s little brother from the hands of the most respected criminal in the city. The secondary plot is about the rivalry between the criminal’s lifelong attempt to legitimize his business, and the protagonist’s best friend, who inherited his parents’ empire upon their premature passing.

The longest edit will probably be the 130k word satire I wrote over the summer about a future world where all labor is completely automated and the only place for humans to exist is in celebrity and innovation (since machines can’t create anything new on their own). The fourth book will either be the one I just finished writing today or Something About Maude which has been on my (To Be Edited) list forever!

It’s kinda funny how all the hard work really begins once you finish the rough draft, but it’s also when you see the most results. I always joke that writing is more satisfying than editing because you get that instant gratification of word count goals and seeing something come from a blank page. But editing brings the long-term satisfaction. The sort of results that could last a lifetime if you’re lucky. All that work I put into writing in 2017 will make all the opportunities I find in 2018 possible.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson