Third Life is out!

Just wanted to let everyone know my latest novella Third Life is now available and it’s on sale for $0.99 until Sunday.


Synopsis below:

On his eighteenth cycle, Christopher has to join the ranks of the Formation. A society built on strict rules, where discipline is rewarded with immortality and inefficiency is punishable by death. Within the walls of the Formation, measurements control every aspect of a person’s life, but the resources outside the walls offer the only means of survival.

When Christopher is assigned to be a scout, his life is flipped upside down. Though it has the lowest causality rate in the Formation it is one of the most dangerous jobs because it puts him in danger of crossing paths with the Others.

While searching the forest for the river, the Formation’s final means of survival, Christopher is confronted by the truth of his world and his own existence. He learns the history of the war between his tribe and the Other’s and questions everything he’s been led to believe by the Formation.

This novella dives into questions about free will, faith, and duty.

Third Life is Done

Well, I finished all the edits on this 100 page novella and everything is going according to plan. 3 books published this summer is still a real possibility (yes I’m counting the end of May as summer cause it’s good enough for summer vacation). I just need to polish the blurb before I put it up for presale. Writing the blurb is SO ANNOYING my god. It feels like it took me less time to write my longest manuscript (apx 130k words) than to write this blurb. To those of you with blurb skills I respect you, I mean we’re supposed to honor short story writers but you’re the real champs.

I’m only letting my website and my newsletter know this, but Third Life will be on sale for $0.99 through presale and the three days it’s published but after that, it’s bumping up to full price.

Funny story about Third Life, I finally got the balls to write it because my author friend Lauren Lee needed a sprint buddy. She was working on her Charlotte’s Pact Series and needed a boost of momentum. My original thought for Third Life was a world where individuals had three hearts over their heads (like in video games) but they could lose lives for the most mundane tasks, like not cleaning their room, and the main character was going to search for a guru who found the key to eternity.

I kept the three lives idea but created a world of warfare between two tribes, one outside the walls fighting to return the bodies they borrowed from the world to the ground so the earth could find balance, and the other inside the walls fighting to maintain a lifestyle of strict discipline.

So I would like to thank Lauren Lee for getting me started on this book.

The rest of the summer will go as followed: Writing and editing a novella currently titled Big Boy and revising my full-length manuscript formerly titled the Absolute but now titled Skipping Over Sunday.

I’ll probably do writing sprints for Big Boy (definitely want a new title for that one, too similar to Little Big Boy by Max Power). So if anyone wants to do some writing sprints with me while I work on the rough draft please let me know.

As for Skipping Over Sunday, the story is done I just need to find a way to make it compelling cause at the moment I’m worried it’s too boring.

If all this goes according to plan I may even try vlogging. I have this idea where I’d vlog a pantser novel from beginning to end just to show anyone interested in writing a manuscript how attainable that goal is. I’m not saying it’ll be very good but the words will be on the page and from there you can choose to polish it, revise it, play frisbee with it, or burn it.

As usual thanks for reading! I look forward to writing more blog posts this summer. There’s something incredibly satisfying about writing and publishing something in the same day.

Summer Goals

By Tuesday I will be done with all my exams and final essays. Summer will finally be here and I will have more time to focus on writing and editing. My two main goals for the summer are release two novellas. Nothing substantial, each over 100 pages. Third Life is in its final edits and I’m hoping to publish it either the end of May or the start of June.

The second project I hope to publish this summer is a bit more whimsical. It’s a world where reapers create balance by not only guiding souls from one world to the next but also returning life to our world in the form of gardens.

This story is completely outlined and ready to go, I’ve just been waiting for exams to finish before I actually get started. I know it’s silly. In the time it takes me to write this blog I could’ve probably knocked out the first chapter, but for some reason, I enter full freakout mode if I start working on anything creative during finals week (and weekend). My time is divided between studying and recharging so I can get back to studying.

While my publishing plans are set I do have plans to continue editing The Absolute, however, I have changed the name to Skipping Over Sundays. I don’t know how a book that has gone through so many edits is a complete mess. Not even a mess, it’s just boring and I don’t think I explain the cool aspects of it at all so people who read it will end up being bored and confused, which is never a good combination. I really wanted the weight of his wife’s death to haunt him, and it’s just such a shitty representation of it. Also the ending drives me crazy cause it just all wraps up nicely and I dont think I–yeah doesn’t matter. I’ll just let it be for now. Probably send it off to a couple readers who can tell me exactly where the problems start. A fresh set of eyes will probably help.

I also plan on editing The Pathetic Tycoon especially now that I restructured it and deleted all the unnecessary points of view. It has become a cool rivalry between an old criminal and a young businessman.

My final project in the making is a MG series I plan on writing starring my new niece and all the adventures she is going to go on. I’m excited to take a crack at MG. I know there are a lot of amazing writers in the genre who produce phenomenal stories, and I’ll have my work cut out for me to find a voice in it, but I’m really excited because it’s a genre that’s more welcoming of the whimsical, and it’s something I really enjoy including in my writing because I don’t know, it just feels like a mason jar of happiness. Sorry this is such a bad ramble, I’ll end this post here, I just wanted to keep you all up to date on my upcoming plans.

Hello YouTube


So, I guess I did the thing. I started a YouTube channel. Let’s see if I actually deserve one. Like with my blog I’m hoping to just put up content that’s worth people’s time. The last thing I want to do is upload a 13-minute video of me babbling on about nothing.

I guess I just wanted to reach a new audience. Some people like reading blogs, other people would rather just hear it or watch me talk about the content I feel is worthy of being put up on the internet.

I uploaded my first video about fifteen minutes ago. Just a brief introduction to the channel.

If YouTube is more your thing, it will probably be a lot like my blog, just less active. I’ll talk about what I’m writing, reading, etc. and I’ll talk about the process/give tips and advice I feel would be helpful for others.

A side note, I have a fear of cameras. I hate having my picture taken so this is me facing a silly fear.

Some Big Changes

Alright, so last night I sent out a message to my newsletter about some big changes I have going underway. I have grouped off my newsletter into four segments:

  • Everyone is enrolled in the default newsletter for all updates on my primary pen name R.K. Gold.
  • The second group is dedicated to my second pen name Q.T. Pi, which specializes in Sci-Fi, Paranormal, and Satire. This will be similar to the R.K. Gold newsletter, only used for giveaways, updates, and announcements.
  • The third group is for short story enthusiasts who want a weekly short read, as well as opportunities for free copies of all future short story collections I publish.
  • Finally, the fourth group is a more personalized newsletter, focusing more on who I am not what I put out.

If any of those groups sound interesting you can sign up by clicking here.

What I did not include in my email last night is blog exclusive. While the short story newsletter will receive one exclusive story at the end of every week, my blog will also have a new weekly segment called “workshop this!”

Every week I will post a short story on my blog and anyone is welcomed to contribute constructive feedback. If you contribute, and I include the story in one of my future publications, your name will be included before the story as a workshop contributor!

This is going to be fun!

Editing: The Absolute

Well, I’m finally doing it. I’m finally editing what will become my first full length novel. That is not to say I am done with novellas. I am rather fond of how direct I can be with my storytelling in shorter works, but it is exciting to see something a little larger on the horizon.

That being said, I am not sure if I picked the right manuscript to start with. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I hoped to edit four of my manuscripts this year, most of which I wrote the rough drafts for last year.

While I was expecting my 130k word satire to be the one to cause the most headaches, the Absolute has turned out to be no walk in the park. Though just 56k words, most of them are being deleted or completely re-written.

The direction I am taking the novel is much different than the rough draft’s original story. When I wrote the initial draft it was the story of a man seeking a path to god to unleash his wrath. He wanted to kill god and at times read like a fever dream.

The re-writes are turning it more into a crisis of faith. A painter at a crossroads, returning home when he is commissioned to paint a mural next to the new chapel. The painter does not have the best memories of the town, though for the most part it’s not the town’s fault, and when his fiance died (four years before the book takes place) he is more than happy to do his best to try and float through life.

While the initial draft was a more physical fight with supernatural entities, the newer one is more about the conflict of legacy and how one wants to be remembered. If it is too late to change how we are perceived and is it too late to find happiness?

Though it’s tiring, I am happy with the optimism I will be able to include in this new draft and the connections with characters my protagonist will be able to make, whereas in the initial draft it was all about finding a path and characters were seen more as tools to get from point A to point B.

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