Beds Are For Flowers by R.K. Gold

Has spoilers but LOVE THIS REVIEW thank you

“We live our lives in one realm, and our deaths in another, but they are constantly connected to both. It doesn’t matter if one thrives; as long as our realm is sick, they are all sick too.”

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Clarence doesn’t want to go to school, he’d rather sit and listen to stories about what life use to be like when there was color. He wants to imagine a life where his father isn’t so okay with leaving him for Ganedyn, a paradise for those who pass on. Mostly, he wants adventure and a distraction from the growing danger of his world around him and when he encounters his neighbor adventure is exactly what he gets.

The reapers’ numbers have been dwindling for some time and it gets harder to keep the balance between worlds and reapers and humans intact. The humans are nothing…

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How To Grow Your Business

When it comes to starting a business, and growing out of an idea it can be easy to get lost in the money in money out mentality. Suddenly every expenditure you make keeps you awake until 4 in the morning, and every sale you close keeps food in your fridge for the next month. What is sometimes overlooked is sustained growth and the best way to focus on that is to identify 4-10 activities you need to perform in order to generate business.

These activities will all be linked to their own KPIs (key performance indicators) and thankfully you can access an entire library of them at for free if you don’t know where to start.

With Follow The Hummingbird we have two KPIs we actively work on:

Coffees per week

2nd meetings per coffee

we discovered early on these engagements directly correlated with our growth. On good weeks we had lots of coffees and lots of second meeting conversions.

Identifying the activities you need to spur growth and creating a quantitative model to measure from makes growth feel achievable—suddenly you aren’t looking at a vague concept but hard numbers.

Life Ticks

Life Ticks

He clutched his chest

But where a heart

Should be

Was a watch




Around the icon

He mistakenly assumed

Was a part of him.




A fain glow under

His white shirt

Blinked on

And off

Its colors burned so bright

The man melted around it

Until the device laid unburdened

In a white puddle