Review Looking For Alaska

Looking for AlaskaLooking for Alaska by John Green

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I know I liked it. I know there were parts I liked a lot and parts I wasn’t too sure about. I know there were some subplots, specifically with the weekday warriors that felt shallow or felt more in place for a quick explanation than an actual deeper exploration and some of those resolutions were rushed, but all in all this was a good coming of age story.

A good journey of self-discovery with a religion teacher offering tidbits of philosophy for the readers to digest and juxtapose with Miles, Chip, Takumi, Alaska, and Lara.

I liked it. Okay. I liked it.

The characters had quirks. The characters had flaws. The one on one scenes were genuine and if they weren’t advancing the plot they were introducing us to deeper layers of the characters.

I liked it. Okay. I liked it.

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Create Compelling Characters || Writing Exercise

Writing Exercise For Character Development || Write Compelling Characters || Authortube

Like all other skills, writing is something we can get better at with practice. Each aspect of writing (like pacing, plotting, character development, dialogue) can be improved if we put the hours in.

Today’s video is a simple exercise anyone can do anywhere with a sheet of paper and a pen (honestly you can just do it in your head if you want) by asking one incredibly simple question: Why?

In this video I will create a character and go through the exercise along with you. Please comment below with the character you created and what you learned about them.

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Thanks again! -RK

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