Building A Newsletter || Booktube & Authortube

Building a newsletter on authortube or booktube I am not a newsletter expert, but I am trying. I am back to trying to build up my own newsletter and wanted to share some thoughts. I am here to tell you that it is not as terrifying as it may seem. In fact I follow two steps. I build the newsletter on Mailchimp and I grow the newsletter with a combination of social media and prolific works. Prolific works is a site that allows readers to download one of your written works by subscribing to your newsletter. Newsletters are important because these are people who are actively buying into your future as a writer. They are following you, or most likely are following you, for your writing alone. Digital and paperback copies of Beds Are For Flowers… Secrets Are For Flowers is available for preorder now… Let’s connect: Let’s connect on social media Newsletter: Amazon Author Profile:… Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website: Linkedin:

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