Doughnut Book Tag || Booktube

Doughnut Booktag || Booktube

Here is my take on the Doughnut Tag. I was tagged by AG MacDonald

Original Tag by Literary Gladiators:

Tagged by AG MacDonald:

I tag 

Camille from Brews and Books:

Pardon My Imagination:

Ericka from Life of a bibliophile:

Jessica Nicole Dickerson:


1. Classic- A classic book you feel everyone needs to read

2. Vanilla Frosted- A simple, but engaging work.

3. Chocolate Frosted- Your second favorite work from your favorite writer.

4. Strawberry Frosted- A lesser known or studied work from a known writer you feel should be read and studied more frequently.

5. Glazed- A writer that immediately immersed you.

6. Jelly- A work that contained more than you expected.

7. Boston Crème- A scholarly work you would recommend to a casual reader.

8. Cruller- A work that makes you think of France.

9. Powdered Sugar- A work that left you with evident emotions.

10. Cider- The perfect reading material to read in front of a fire in autumn.

11. Doughnut Hole- A collection of short, accessible works or sections that you enjoyed.

12. Raspberry Frosted- A book you would recommend to Homer Simpson.

13. What is your favorite kind of doughnut?

14. “Time to Make the Doughnuts” (as per Dunkin Donuts)- Who do you tag?

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