Make New Friends

I had a random thought on what makes a celebrity. I thought of all the different stars in the world. There are traditional celebrities who act on the shows we watch and create the music we listen to—but there’s also that implicit celebrity who garners a ridiculous amount of attention for their authenticity like youtubers, personalities, influencers—people who are in our everyday life for the attention they get.

It got me thinking about the defining characteristic of celebrity. Attention. People can become viral sensations for any number of reasons as long as they hold the attention. Well, what’s one way to get someone’s attention? Sure you could create something unique and capture their time OR you could interact with them.

Turns out I was far from the only one to realize this. Actually Gary Vee has this strategy called the $1.80 which is basically a more polished and well articulated version of what I tried to say in my first video on the topic.

The idea behind this strategy is to interact with people in the community you want to be associated with on a regular basis. So for me, I would go to Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn and find people posting content under the hashtags I hope to be associated with then reply to the things they’re saying—keeping the attention on what they’re doing. By doing this to 1000 people a week, I am ensuring at least 1000 new people know my name (on top of anyone who sees my comment).

If just 1% of those thousand people remember me, that’s 10 new people I’ve imprinted on in the community I want to be a part of. If I do this for an entire year I’m looking at 520 new people who resonate with me—and who knows maybe they’ll be clients, maybe they’ll be strategic alliances, and maybe they’ll be friends. All of those outcomes are fantastic.

So, if you’re stressed with content creation, maybe reallocate some of your time to content responses, and make some new allies in your community.


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