50 page stories

I’m curious what people think of longer stories. Not quite novella length but larger than anything they’d find in a lit journal. I have two stories I am working on now, both in the 10,000-15,000 word range. I think they are cool, unique ideas that stand alone. There is no point to make them any longer if the story is served in that length so adding extra words to meet some quota word count seems self-defeating.

What’re your thoughts on these stories? Are they enjoyable? Should they be published online for free or listed on Kindle and KU. Should they be used to entertain newsletter subscribers? Do you enjoy writing them yourself?

I like how effective they are at delivering a theme. Like my one story deals with balance, life and death, loss. The main character isn’t on a journey to save his family; he’s on a quest to make sure he says goodbye properly.

The story I’m further along with is my usual technology vs nature theme only it has more twists than I’m used to at doesn’t villainize one side or the other. It’s more this is the existence of a fictional landscape and they’re finding balance.

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