The UnPlugged Series

I’m currently on spring break, and my week has been organized around three goals: studying for my exam on Monday, writing the introduction and the first section of my group research essay, and completing the first round edits of my R.K. Gold novel.

The first two are by far the least entertaining to talk about. I am excited to say that my first round edits are nearly complete. I have one and a half more chapters to read through. However, while my mind is focused on these three goals, the one thing I haven’t been able to shake his my desire to get back to working on my QT Pi series “UnPlugged.”

The first story in the series is iLaugh iCry and it focuses on the protagonist Tyson and his escape from The United Network (T.U.N.). This was supposed to be a fun sci-fi that lightly touched on my feelings towards Technology and the importance of preserving nature. It was supposed to be a short read more focused on entertainment than anything else.

Why would I focus on something deep when I have a second pen name, my primary pen name, dedicated solely to adult literary fiction? After all, the book I’m currently editing under R.K. Gold with themes like how home and grief follow you everywhere you go and can either hold you back or catapult you to greatness.

I didn’t expect a fun little story about a high school senior and a hacker named platypus to consume my thoughts. That was until I started outlining the second book and realized this isn’t just going to be three short novellas. This was full on world building. I didn’t expect to have to create my own mythology. Create the inner workings of an expansive government or an “uncivilized” tribe. All I did was ask why after every event, and every choice my protagonist made.

I am beyond excited to finish my exam, finish my papers, and finish editing my R.K. Gold book so I can focus on this series because it just gives me that gut feeling that I am really onto something.

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