Review: Running in Circles

Running in CirclesRunning in Circles by Lauren Lee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oy vey

Not for the faint of heart. Running in circles is a highly entertaining, thrilling, and disturbing tale about a small town monster.

The style of the text weaves flashbacks and present scenes seamlessly, creating a full narrative that ties everything together in the end.

I’m nervous about giving spoilers so I’ll give a warning not to read on from here.

The development of the sherif is what really makes this book stand out. Filling out his whole life story is what really makes it special. There is some tension over the course of the book where you’re left asking who the killer is and are led to believe it’s other characters but the author always left clues that pointed back to the true killer.

While the plot is important what makes this book so memorable is it’s pro/antagonist.

What you will be left thinking about when you finish is just how easily monsters can live amongst us.

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