Hello YouTube


So, I guess I did the thing. I started a YouTube channel. Let’s see if I actually deserve one. Like with my blog I’m hoping to just put up content that’s worth people’s time. The last thing I want to do is upload a 13-minute video of me babbling on about nothing.

I guess I just wanted to reach a new audience. Some people like reading blogs, other people would rather just hear it or watch me talk about the content I feel is worthy of being put up on the internet.

I uploaded my first video about fifteen minutes ago. Just a brief introduction to the channel.

If YouTube is more your thing, it will probably be a lot like my blog, just less active. I’ll talk about what I’m writing, reading, etc. and I’ll talk about the process/give tips and advice I feel would be helpful for others.

A side note, I have a fear of cameras. I hate having my picture taken so this is me facing a silly fear.

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