Some Big Changes

Alright, so last night I sent out a message to my newsletter about some big changes I have going underway. I have grouped off my newsletter into four segments:

  • Everyone is enrolled in the default newsletter for all updates on my primary pen name R.K. Gold.
  • The second group is dedicated to my second pen name Q.T. Pi, which specializes in Sci-Fi, Paranormal, and Satire. This will be similar to the R.K. Gold newsletter, only used for giveaways, updates, and announcements.
  • The third group is for short story enthusiasts who want a weekly short read, as well as opportunities for free copies of all future short story collections I publish.
  • Finally, the fourth group is a more personalized newsletter, focusing more on who I am not what I put out.

If any of those groups sound interesting you can sign up by clicking here.

What I did not include in my email last night is blog exclusive. While the short story newsletter will receive one exclusive story at the end of every week, my blog will also have a new weekly segment called “workshop this!”

Every week I will post a short story on my blog and anyone is welcomed to contribute constructive feedback. If you contribute, and I include the story in one of my future publications, your name will be included before the story as a workshop contributor!

This is going to be fun!

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