Writing Update

I am gonna keep this short because personally, I like short blogs and short videos and that means there’s a good chance a lot of people out there prefer digestible nuggets of information over getting smacked in the face by a digital textbook.


The Absolute edits have somehow gone faster and slower than expected. I am in the midst of completely rewriting it. While at the start of the year I thought this might be a halfway easy edit, the universe had other plans. However, the re-writes are moving at a healthy pace and it should be done before the end of February.


My second pen name/alter ego has finished his first story. It’s a short satire piece about a future where our technology has just become a part of our body. Not the most original plot I know but the plot is entertaining and the characters are cool.


The purpose of my second pen name is to create a large quantity of entertaining reads, which will hopefully include a collection of short stories by the end of the year. My initial pen name R.K. Gold will focus more on literary fiction (the work that makes me feel smarter than I actually am).


Thank you for reading my update.

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