Review: Paper Towns


Originally 2 stars until the last chapter.

This is my 2nd John Green book and until the final chapter I was worried it might be my last. I didn’t hate the book but for a book sorta famous for a road trip and the agency of one of its main characters there really wasn’t much movement.

While the main plot was about the physical quest of finding Margo, I really enjoyed the actual journey of finding who she was as a person. This wasn’t just a lesson for Q to learn but all his friends (Ben literally talking about how he got to re-fall for Lacey once he started dating her and finding out how real she is).

Q was probably my least favorite character “you keep expecting people not to be themselves.” Though the book did illustrate the journey of how he saw Margo I felt Q as a character did not change much else, which is fine, it’s just if I didn’t like him much in the beginning I wasn’t surprised not to like him much in the end.

I preferred the movie Radar to the book one. In the movie he was a real person. In the book he seemed to exist to only be an encyclopedia.

Margo’s lecture of Q at the end of the book was my favorite scene by far because it was just the culmination of everything the book was trying to tell us into an actual conversation. It wasn’t forced at all it was just the perfect dialogue and ultimately the final chapter of this book was really amazing (hence the extra star).

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