Review: Lord of the Rings the Two Towers

The Two Towers (The Lord of the Rings, #2)The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well two down and one to go. One of the first things I have to say about this book is WOW the battle of Helm’s Deep was short. Since I saw the movies before reading the books, so much of what I saw is superimposed over the words I’m reading. This is probably the first book series I’ve read, after seeing the movies, where I feel like seeing the movies helped. I tip my hat to Peter Jackson, personally, after reading the first two parts of the Lord of the Rings, I think he did a fantastic job with his adaptation.

Frodo is such a better character in the books though. All of his actions are the same but we get the internal workings of his mind in the book, which we, unfortunately, did not get in the movies, so he comes across as intelligent and mature in the books and . . . well I’ll just say he comes across as a more deserving ring bearer in the books.

My favorite scenes in this book were two brief interactions between Sam and Frodo. The first when discussing the bread and it’s revealed Sam is trying to keep rations for the journey back home while Frodo is at peace with the thought that it’s a one way journey to Mordor.

The second is Frodo and Sam talking about their adventure as a story in the future. Sam pretending to be his future kids asking to hear more about Frodo, and Frodo jumping right into the role of another child wanting to hear more about Sam. It was just a really cute human moment that made me love the characters even more.

I will begin the Return of the King tomorrow and will hopefully have this series completed by the end of the week. I’m sort of sad about that to be honest, but oh well, on to the next one.

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