Happy New Year

Yeah, I’m a couple days late with the title of this blog, but it’s still accurate. I mean it’s still the new year. I have been away from my computer for days now, and it felt like I was missing a limb. I know, not the most flattering image in the world, but since my computer is my primary source of writing, it did not bode well for me to have it be so far away for so long. I didn’t even miss the internet, I just missed my Scrivener app. I know it’s sort of pathetic, but typing on a keyboard has always been my medium for writing. I remember in fourth grade my English teacher told my parents that my handwriting was so poor I should start typing out my homework. Though it was a little harsh, I credit this decision in helping me transition to typing much faster than my other classmates.

Anyway, I think that’s enough pathetic pining for my computer. I am obviously back and excited to get started on those new years resolutions.

First off, I have decided to start 2018 off by editing The Absolute. I had a couple people comment and personal message me after my last blog post to tell me they preferred the storyline of that piece, and that was enough to help me make my decision. I just hope my editing ability is good enough to live up to that little blurb about the book, because I must admit, my short paragraph description of it is much better than the actual words on the page.

At the moment, half the book is still about my protagonist’s obsession with killing God (yeah, that’s getting edited out ASAP) and part of the book still has him written as a writer instead of a painter because I preferred the story of him returning to his town as a commissioned painter rather than a ghostwriter, and I really did not want to write a book about an author.

I mean way too many insecurities would pop up if I did that, and I would start freaking out that the few readers I have would think my main character was partially based on me.


That’s just the video I think of when I think of insecurity and self-acceptance, feel free to ignore it.

Anyway, I hope to finish a second draft of The Absolute by the end of January, send it off to beta readers by February, and hopefully finish the final draft to later than the end of March.

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