Finals Are Upon Us

Well, so much for ridiculously high daily word counts! It’s officially finals week for me, and the whole not failing my exams stress is definitely weighing in on my word counts. Stephen King stresses the importance of writing daily just to keep the characters alive and fresh, so I do plan on writing daily throughout the week, but I doubt I’ll be hitting 3k with ease.

Most likely, my goals will be reduced to 1000 words. A goal I can hit in less than an hour, won’t feel too guilty about, and can still dedicate most of my day to studying around.

I’m really looking forward to finishing this manuscript. I’m around 60k at the moment and there is no end in sight. Currently, all three of my main characters are trapped in different spiritual realms. An old character from my first novella Just Under the Sky makes an appearance. Actually a couple old characters the forest the book takes place in lol.

This is why I am looking forward to finishing this manuscript. It ties together most of my already published work, and a bunch of ideas I’ve been meaning to write. Ultimately, a lot of my work will be intertwined in the same universe. And though this draft is most likely a steaming pile of you know what, it will feel good to get the story on the page so I can edit, re-write, and polish at a later date.

Until then, it’s back to studying.

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